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Where is the documentation about micro Python methods located?

Question asked by Konstantinos Ifantidis on Jan 31, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 13, 2018 by Konstantinos Ifantidis


I'm trying create a script in uPython in order to get control of the wifi module SPWF04SA/SC. I have successfully updated FW and FS via UART and right now I'm using RELP via UART to test out some code. 

Can someone tell me where i can find the syntax of methods/commands/libraries/etc gathered?! I have been to uPython official website and also at the git which i found from AN4964 but i can't find any details for uPython commands. 
Request: Is it possible someone to provide me with a mini script example with these:

1.Turn on Wifi radio

2. Scan for networks

3. Connect to a network with WPA2


Regards, Kostas.