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STM32L4 DAC for Actuation - 16 Channels

Question asked by Hailing SKY on Jan 30, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 25, 2018 by Hailing SKY

Dear All,


I am using STM32L476 to generate actuating signals (50k Sine wave, ±6 V) for 16 piezoelectric actuators. I realize there are just two DAC channels for this MCU. I would like to know what kind of external circuit I need to control the output actuating signal. 


In my case, I would like to actuate one channel at a time, say just Actuator 1 for the first actuation. The rest are now excitated, but in a full cycle, every actuator needs to be actuated one after another.



I have got an idea to amplify the unipolar 0-3V sine wave from DAC output to bipolar ±6V signal, but I am still trying to find a solution to control the actuation sequence using two DAC channel for 16 actuators. If you have any idea, it would be my great honor to listen.