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Wakeup from Standby mode using STM32F103

Question asked by Andrea N on Jan 30, 2018

Dear sirs, i'm not able to go out from standby on my STM32F103C8T6 device.

Basically my test firmware is a simple blink.

After 5 blink i execute the instructions to go in standby.

Device goes in standby (current consumption goes low).

Problem is that i can't go out of standby with wake up pin.

Wake up pin (PA0) is configured properly but device is not able to go out from standby.

Here my semplified code to enter in standby: 

//enter in Standby mode...     

EWUP_bit = 1;          //enable WKUP pin on rising edge...     

SLEEPDEEP_bit=1; //Set SLEEPDEEP in Cortex-M3 System Control register

PDDS_bit = 1;          //Set PDDS bit in Power Control register (PWR_CR)     

CWUF_bit = 1;         //1 means clear the WUF Wakeup Flag.   

asm WFE;                //WFE (Wait for Event) execution


seems to be that rising edge of PA0 (0V to 3V3) is complitely ignored,

but i expect that led MCU start again from reset vector and led restart to blink.

Someone can suggest me something? Thanks and regards.