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DMA stream configuration in HAL Cube

Question asked by Omar Suárez on Jan 30, 2018



I am trying to setting up a template project to work with the SPI and DMA triggered by a timer using the STM32F746ZG. The configuration I need to program is the one in the attached image.

Need to trigger a DMA using the TIM7 making a request in channel 1in order to use the Stream2 to make a transfer from memory to the SPI3 peripheral. I set up the project with the STM32CubeMX and I can see the configuration for link the DMA request channel to the TIM7 but there is no code to configure the SPI3 and the memory to access the Stream2.

I searched for some examples but I could only find some using the SPL. Anyway the structure for the DMA configuration seems to be a bit different because in the SPL I can see the DMA_PeripheralBaseAddr field while not in the HAL Cube.

Can anyone give me a clue about how to configure the Stream of the DMA peripheral??


Thanks in advanced,