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AutoReconnect Problem // SPBT3.0DP2

Question asked by Thomas Obermeier on Jan 29, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 16, 2018 by fatih erdogan

I'm using the SPBT3.0DP2-Module to build a custom HID keyboard.
Unfortunately, the module doesn't automatically reconnect to the host-device (for Testing my Win10 PC and Android Smartphone) after disconnection (switching off/on the host-device or BT-Module).
I have to connect new, manually.

Here the used Commands: (UM2077-Manual):


AT+AB Reset
AT+AB Config DeviceName = MyDevice
AT+AB Config EnableHIDKeybd = TRUE
AT+AB Reset
AT+AB AutoReconnect enable
AT+AB AutoReconnectSetup 5 2000    // i want a reconnect all 5 Seconds

What did I wrong?