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ST25R3911B No Response Data After Sending APDU Command

Question asked by Marius Celliers on Jan 30, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 1, 2018 by Ulysses HERNIOSUS

Hi All. I am Using The Nucelo-NFC5A1(ST25R3911B) board with STM32-Nuceo-F410RE board.

(Using the X-Cube-NFC5 middleware RFAL).

I am not getting any responses from my APDU commands sent to a card. ( Also no Error Codes from the rfalIsoDep functions I use).


I have selected the NFC card and activated it. I have written a function to send the APDU command to the PICC.

After calling the  rfalIsoDepGetApduTransceiveStatus() until it is not busy anymore, I find that the rxbufferLength is 0.

I would expect that even when my APDU command is incorrect, I should at least get a response of 0x90 0x00.

I have added  rfalWorker() into my loop for rfalIsoDepGetApduTransceiveStatus() as I assume it is required for the response.


Also: According to documentation(rfal.chm + x-cube-nfc5.chm), the rfal is modifying the Txbuffer.prologue, or should I also configure this? 

I could not see in any example that the prologue needs to be configured.


code is as folllows:

err = rfalIsoDepPollAHandleActivation(RFAL_COMPLIANCE_MODE_NFC_11,RFAL_ISODEP_FSXI_512,RFAL_ISODEP_NO_DID,RFAL_BR_424,&isoDepDevice);

if( err != ERR_NONE ) return false;


rfalIsoDepApduTxRxParam myParam;                     //Param to be passed to rfalIsoDepStartApduTransceive(param)
rfalIsoDepApduBufFormat apduCommand;            // Struct that contains prologue + APDU Buffer
rfalIsoDepApduBufFormat apduResponse;            // Struct that contains prologue + APDU Buffer

uint8_t DDF2[] = "2PAY.SYS.DDF01";
uint8_t headerLen = 5;

uint16_t ddflen = sizeof(DDF2);

//Setup APDU Command

apduCommand.apdu[0] = 0x00;          //CLA
apduCommand.apdu[1] = 0xA4;          //INS
apduCommand.apdu[2] = 0x04;          //P1
apduCommand.apdu[3] = 0x00;          //P2
apduCommand.apdu[4] = ddflen - 1;    //P2


for (uint8_t i;i<ddflen;i++) {
      apduCommand.apdu[i + headerLen]= DDF2[i];

//Setup ISODEP APDU Command
myParam.FWT =;
myParam.dFWT =;
myParam.FSx = RFAL_ISODEP_FSX_KEEP;      //myParam.FSx =;

myParam.DID =;              // RFAL_ISODEP_NO_DID
myParam.ourFSx =;

myParam.txBuf = &apduCommand;
myParam.rxBuf = &apduResponse;
myParam.rxBufLen = &myADPURxLen;
myParam.txBufLen = ddflen;

// Start TX RX of APDU Command

err = rfalIsoDepStartApduTransceive(myParam);

// CHEK for Response if completed with ERR_BUSY

for (uint8_t b=0;b<30;b++)

            result = rfalIsoDepGetApduTransceiveStatus();
            if (result == ERR_BUSY) {

            if (result == ERR_NONE) {
                  logUsart("RX Done \r\n");



logUsart("R-APDU responded with %d Bytes \r\n",myADPURxLen);

//Here I receive 0 Bytes in the rxBuflen field