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How to present password to ST25TV02K?

Question asked by Arna Lee on Jan 30, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 30, 2018 by Berenice Benveguda

Hi Sir,


In the data sheet of ST25TV02K, it introduces that:


Present password command specificity Before doing a present password command, it is necessary to obtain a valid random number through the command ‘Get_Random_Number’ (see Section 6.4.41: Get Random Number) The passwords must be presented encrypted as explained in a Technical Note available on request.



But I don't find the "Technical Note" to explain how the password is encrypted and presented?

As my understand, 

1, execute Get_Random_Number command to get a random number (two bytes);

2, some rule to generate an encrypted password with the random nuber and raw password(four bytes);

3, execute "Present password" command with the encrypted password.


Can you review if I am right and tell the detail for step 2?