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BlueNRG-1 internal MCU and SPP

Question asked by SProg on Jan 29, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 30, 2018 by Antonio Vilei

Hello everyone.


i am using the STEVAL-IDBB007V1 based on BlueNRG-1.I am interested on programming the internal MCU of BlueNRG-1 and use the BLE functions


Based on the Application Notes and examples, i understand that i can program the internal MCU (M0-Cortex)  and use the BLE functions without external MCU (in the board i see also the STM32L151CBU6), right ?


Also, i would like to ask if it's possible to implement the SPP protocol on BlueNRG-1.If not, what could be my next choice?




I read the below note on DT0068 Design tip but seems not clear.

In the Bluetooth Specification Core v2.0, the Serial Port Profile (SPP) has been introduced for the EDR Bluetooth Controllers. The SPP does not apply to the Low Energy Controller, which has been introduced in the Bluetooth Core Specification since version 4.0 and onwards. Nevertheless, it is still possible to implement a similar feature while working with a BLE-only Controller. This can be achieved by defining a vendor-specific profile that allows a transmitter and a receiver to exchange data over the link using Vendor Specific BLE Services and Characteristics. A reference SW implementation that demonstrates a simple 2-way communication between two BlueNRG-MS devices is available in the BlueNRG-MS Software Development Kit (SDK). The project is named “BLE Chat”, located in the folder “Projects\Projects_STD_Library\BLE_Chat\EWARM_BlueNRG-MS” within the STEVALIDB005V1 or STEVAL-IDB006V1 evaluation kits. If the user works with the NucleoL152RE and X-NUCLEO-IDB05A1 evaluation kit, the project can be found in the folder “Projects\Projects_Cube\BLE_Chat\EWARM_BlueNRG-MS”.