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Analog Mems Microphone for Ultrasound Range

Question asked by Nabila Gina Nastiti on Jan 28, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 14, 2018 by T J

Hello everyone,


I apologize if my question is too basic for this forum but i've been reading so many sources in the internet and i am still confused and I am pretty much new in this subject.


I want to hear ultrasound by using analog mems microphone between  range 20 kHz and 200kHz. I have several different types of mems analog microphone (SPU0410HR5H‐PB, SPU0410LR5H-QB, ICS-40180) and electret (CMA-4544PF-W). I know that the range is out of the hearing range of these microphones, however i read that it could be done. Could someone please share some idea how to do this ? 


Thank you for your attention