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STM32F429I DISCOVERY display + ILI9341

Question asked by Vitor Pereira on Jan 28, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 31, 2018 by horbach.markus

Hi, I'm trying to make the first and super basic program for the display on the STM32F429I DISCOVERY board. It is supposed to just to make the display blue when the the board is on.

It is said in the schematic that the interface used between the STM32F429 and the display controller (the ILI9341 IC) is the 4-wire 8-bit serial I, SDA:In/Out interface. Reading the ILI9341's datasheet I found that in order to use the LTDC parallel interface it's necessary to be sent three command through this Half-Duplex SPI: RGB Interface Signal Control (B0h + 40), Pixel Format Set (3Ah + 66h) and Interface Control (F6h + {01h, 00h, 00h}). After that, I'm initializing the LTDC with the CubeMX generated code, which is suppose to make the screen blue. My code is as following:









   As you can see, I'm also setting and resetting the DCX pin, according to the ILI9341 datasheet, as weel as the CSX pin.

All that said, here's the problem: it doesn't work.


What am I missing? Couldn't find something that helps me around here so far. Could anybody who made a firmware for the STM32F429I Discoery board's display help me with it?


Thanks a lot


Vítor Pereira