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RTC periodic wake up interrupt fires only once

Question asked by Tyto _Negro_ on Jan 26, 2018

Hi, I'm writing an application with a STM32L051 (32 pin, 64kB ROM).

This application uses the RTC and I wanted to use the RTC periodic auto wake-up feature to update the time display every 60 seconds.


It looks like the interrupt only happens once at the expected time: after 60 seconds (or any other value I tried)


I found an other person having the same problem on a L053 processor using HAL libraries, but no answer or solution was presented. I don't use HAL libraries.


My interrupt code looks like this:


void RTC_IRQHandler(void)
    // when Intr. pending
    if ((EXTI->PR & EXTI_PR_PIF20) == EXTI_PR_PIF20){
        RTC->ISR &= ~(RTC_ISR_WUTWF);  // CLR Wake Up intr. flag
        EXTI->PR |= EXTI_PR_PIF20;     // CLR intr. pending flag (Write 1)

        secs = 0;
        if ( BTF(KlokStat,klok_on) || BTF(KlokStat,sleep) ){

        // the 4 lines below were all to test for a solution, to no avail...
        NVIC_ClearPendingIRQ(RTC_IRQn);   // CLR intr pending register
        EXTI->IMR |= EXTI_IMR_IM20;       // re-enable RTC wake-up intr.
        NVIC_EnableIRQ(RTC_IRQn);         // Re-eanble NVIC for RTC */




The RTC wake-up initialisation code:


/* RTC init function */
static void MX_RTC_Init(void)
    RTC->WPR = 0xCA; // Unlock Write access for RTC registers
    RTC->WPR = 0x53;
    RTC->CR &= ~RTC_CR_WUTE; // Disable wake up timer to modify it
    // Wait until it is allow to modify wake up reload value
    /* add time out here for a robust application */

    RTC->WUTR = 0x3B; // wake-up period = 60 sec.  0x3B=59


    // enable WU tmr, WU tmr Intr. and WU clk =1Hz

    RTC->WPR = 0xFE;  // write protect/lock again
    RTC->WPR = 0x64;

    EXTI->RTSR |= EXTI_RTSR_RT20;  // trigger on rising edge
    // EXTI->FTSR |= EXTI_FTSR_FT20;  // no trigger on falling edge

    EXTI->IMR |= EXTI_IMR_IM20;   // enable RTC wake-up intr. going through EXTI 20 line to NVIC
    //EXTI->EMR |= EXTI_IMR_IM20;   // enable RTC wake-up event necessary?????????

    NVIC_EnableIRQ(RTC_IRQn);     // Configure NVIC for RTC
    NVIC_SetPriority(RTC_IRQn,2); //  Set priority for RTC (=2, low priority)



My application does *not* sleep, so no real 'wake up' things, I just want to use the interrupt routine to update the clock.

I'm also confused by the interrupt/event thing, but enabling the EXTI event does not make any difference.


Any help or tips are highly appreciated.


Thanks, Tom