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Why is my INT1 of LIS2DW always at high?

Question asked by Allen Lin on Jan 25, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 26, 2018 by Miroslav B


    My problem is I can not receive the interrupt signal of INT1 when I using FIFO mode with FIFO buffer full trigger. I find the cause is that the INT1 is always at high, but I expect it should be rise high when FIFO buffer is full.


My HW is STEVAL-MKI179V1(LIS2DW12TR), I using the following pins for I2C

  SCL, SDA, VDD, GND, SA0 (connect to GND)


My Pin configuration for INT1 on MCU side is



SW startup sequence:


if(LIS2DW12_getRegisterValue(LIS2DW12_WHO_AM_I_ADDR) == LIS2DW12_WHO_AM_I_DEF)



        LIS2DW12_setRegisterValue(LIS2DW12_CTRL2_ADDR, LIS2DW12_BDU_MASK | (commProtocol << 4));  // set BDU on and CS_PUDISC

        LIS2DW12_setRegisterValue(LIS2DW12_CTRL4_INT1_PAD_ADDR, LIS2DW12_INT1_FIFO_FULL_MASK); //triger PIN INT1 when FIFO buffer is full

        LIS2DW12_setRegisterValue(LIS2DW12_CTRL6_ADDR, LIS2DW12_FS_CODE(fullScaleCode)); //set full scale code

        LIS2DW12_setRegisterValue(LIS2DW12_FIFO_CTRL_ADDR, LIS2DW12_FIFO_MODE(LIS2DW12_FIFO_FIFO) | LIS2DW12_SAMPLES(FIFOBuffSize-1));  //set FIFO mode and FIFO buffer size     

        LIS2DW12_setRegisterValue(LIS2DW12_CTRL7_ADDR, LIS2DW12_CTRL7_INTERRUPTS_ENABLE_MASK);   //enable the interrupts

        LIS2DW12_setRegisterValue(LIS2DW12_CTRL1_ADDR, LIS2DW12_ODR_SELECTION(LIS2DW12_bandWithCode) | LIS2DW12_POWER_MODE(LIS2DW12_powerMode)); 



The above setting of register is showing on following table. The yellow mark label is 1.


I also read the registers after setting LIS2DW12_CTRL1_ADDR   and the result is :

    0x18 (00011000) = LIS2DW12_getRegisterValue(LIS2DW12_CTRL2_ADDR);
    0x04 (00000100) = LIS2DW12_getRegisterValue(LIS2DW12_CTRL4_INT1_PAD_ADDR);
    0x30 (00110000) = LIS2DW12_getRegisterValue(LIS2DW12_CTRL6_ADDR);
    0x3F (00111111)= LIS2DW12_getRegisterValue(LIS2DW12_FIFO_CTRL_ADDR);
    0x10 (00010000)= LIS2DW12_getRegisterValue(LIS2DW12_CTRL7_ADDR);
    0x24 (00100100)= LIS2DW12_getRegisterValue(LIS2DW12_CTRL1_ADDR);



I also test the INT1 status. The INT1 of MCU  is  low if I don't connect it to  STEVAL-MKI179V1, but it will always be high after I connect it to  STEVAL-MKI179V1.

   Please help me to check my configuration of registers and startup sequence.

Thank you for your helping.

Best Regards,