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Observation/Discovering BLE device using BlueNRG

Question asked by K C on Jan 25, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 7, 2018 by Andrea Palmieri

I am currently trying to discover a BLE compatible device (e.g. iphone) using BlueNRG GUI (v2.6.0) and STEVAL-IDB007V1. 


I tried running ACI_GAP_START_OBSERVATION_PROC and ACI_GAP_START_GENERAL_DISCOVER_PROC, which scanned something, and returned HCI_LE_META_EVENT. However, Addresses listed did not match any of my devices, and Data contained something that I could not translate (varying length of 0~31). Also, these addresses were changing, so I assume that these are not real address?


Am I doing something wrong? Or is it not possible to discover the device with address and data using this setup?