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Porting code from IAR to TrueStudio

Question asked by atom on Jan 28, 2018
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I had been using IAR Embedded Workbench for programming and burning codes on STM32F7. Since the release of TrueStudio 9, I thought it would be wise to switch to a free version ahich has no code size limitations. Hence I installed and set up TrueStudio, created a new project, made initialization code with CubeMX (just like what I had done with IAR Embedded workbench) and copy-pasted my old code (the functional part) into the new project. After some editing I was able to compile the code and burn it. (I found the debugger not as smooth as the IAR one). The disappointment was when I discovered that the code, which was compiled and burned by IAR, works fine, but the one compiled and burned by TrueStudio, to the same hardware, doesn't work. (Note that the code and the hardware is the same).


Did I do something wrong? I have not worked with eclipse before. (To be honest, I was never successful in setting up the environment in eclipse). It would be good if someone could shed some light into this issue.