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LIS2DW12 i2C communication issues

Question asked by David Pérez on Jan 26, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 30, 2018 by David Pérez

Hi to all,


We are usin this accel over i2c with this configuration:


* Separate VDD and VDDIO (this one is attached to CS).

* SDA and SCL are mounted with a external pull up resistor of 10K.

* SDO/SA0 is left unconnected (it is supposed to have an internall pull up).


Is there any power up sequence to ensure the i2c mode is properly configured/selected? Any delay between VDD and VDDIO?


Powering up both lines to 3V, the VDDIO is not 3V, its in 1.9V or similar. If we disconnect CS from VDDIO. In CS we get a '0' and in VDDIO 3V. Is this normal? And the internall pull up resistor does not lift the pin to high?


Is there any example of how to connect the accel for i2c communications? any keynote for the power up?


Attached is an image of the mounted sensor were the marking is a dot, a datamatrix and a 'T'.


Thanks in advance for your help.