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ST25R3911B-DISCO to STLink-V2 - Unknown Device Id

Question asked by Ivan Smolin on Jan 25, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 29, 2018 by Ivan Smolin

I need to re-upload original firmware to ST25R3911B-DISCO with STLink-V2.

(Discovery GUI is not applicable for me here, I need to do it exactly with STLink-V2)


I connected with wires:


- 20-pin's VCC (1) to 10-pin's VTREF (1)

20-pin's GND (4) to 10-pin's GND (3)

- 20-pin's GND (6) to 10-pin's GND (5)

- 20-pin's TRST (3) to 10-pin's NC (9)


20-pin's SWDIO (7) to 10-pin's SWDIO (2)

20-pin's SWCLK (9to 10-pin's SWCLK (4)

20-pin's SWO (13to 10-pin's SWDIO (2)

20-pin's TDI (5) to 10-pin's TDI (8)

When I connecting both devices to same PC and running utility and trying to connect, it connects, ST-Link V2 has green LED light, but next I seeing: "Unknown device id" and after clicking "OK" it has red LED light again.

I tried Target -> Settings... with all combinations of JTAG/SWD and connection modes.and no effect.


Help me please! Deadline to this task is too near!