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DMA transfer from DCMI to Flash or SD card?

Question asked by raghu tumati on Jan 24, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 2, 2018 by Clive One


My micro (STM32F765VI) has 512KB of SRAM. I have an OV7725 image sensor connected to it. 

I am right now performing a DMA transfer of RGB565 in 320x240 format from the image sensor to SRAM. This takes up 320x240x2 = 153.6kB of data.

However if I wanted to take a 640x480 RGB565 image, it would take up 614.4kB of space which is more than what I have for my SRAM


Is there a way I could perform a

1. DMA transfer from DCMI to the 2MB flash? 

2. DMA transfer from DCMI to external SD card? 


If the DMA controller cannot do any of the above, do you suggest any other option to hold a image of this size? Or is getting a MCU with a bigger SRAM the only other option?