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BVADPCM data noisy when Sensor Tile is soldered to cradle

Question asked by MADHUSUDAN G on Jan 25, 2018

When the Sensor tile is hooked to Expansion board, the FP ALL MEMS firmware and the custom firmware is able to stream the audio data to STBlue MS app. However the above said firmware would stream noisy data when the sensor tile is soldered to cradle. 


Could you folks help us out to identify the cause. Did soldering cause this ? Or are we missing something, because the environmental sensor's data are transmitted via BLE and the code is executing right since we have the boot loader and the firmware running. Or is it due to battery on the cradle ? We are able to use the SWD after soldering and the MIC_CLK pin which is of no use on the cradle should it be left floating ? 


Is there a procedure on how to solder the core sensor tile on cradle ?


Also could you answer to this question on post as well Sensortile Mic Level  ?? There seems to be no response and is been due from a long time.