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Truestudio + J-Link = endless pain

Question asked by Lukasz Przenioslo on Jan 23, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 23, 2018 by Lukasz Przenioslo

Hello there,

Recently I decided to make a swap from Eclipse + OpenSTM32 + ARM Gnu eclipse plugin. This setup was working quite flawlessly, but since a dedicated solution is available now why not try it.

I was surprised that the actual debugging experience is much more problematic in Truestudio than in an open source software + addons. The pain list is really long, but I would like to address the most anointing issue here:


The problem is with the starting and terminating of the debug session.


Starting: When i start the debug session (the PC stops at main) I sometimes get GDB freeze. This happens in like 40 % times. This is an example log from the console, after this nothing happens and I need to kill the process:


[New Remote target]
[Switching to Thread 1]

Temporary breakpoint 1, main () at ..\Src\main.c:128
128      HAL_Init();

No breakpoint number 4.
[New Thread 536886144]
[New Thread 536892880]
[New Thread 536873712]
[New Thread 536893712]
[New Thread 536892256]
[New Thread 536889704]
[New Thread 536887392]
[New Thread 536886768]
[New Thread 16233224]
[New Remote target]
[Switching to Thread 536886144]

Breakpoint 2, ws_thread (argument=0x0) at ..\user_files\u_ws.c:114
114        rgbLed_activateColor(e_rgbLedColor_red);

A screenshot of the situation:

Failed debug start


Terminating: This is a lot more painful, as each time this happens I need to restart truestudio. Also in about 40% times after I click terminate, terminate and remove, terminate/ disconnect all or restart, the GDB session dies, but I still see all the processes in the debug view. I can keep terminating them all I want, they wont dissapear. Starting new debug session is also not possible. I need to restart Truestudio. If I find the GDB task in process list and kill It, I then have no access to the *.elf file, because its in use. Thus, I need to restart truestudio...


I would appreciate all help regarding this issue. For a commercial grade software, Truestudio is very, very hard to use at the moment. Open source is still more convienient.