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Timer DMA requests through DMA1 clarification

Question asked by piet t on Jan 24, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 12, 2018 by piet t

Hey everyone,


I need some clarification on this, as it will help my program run smoother.


I want to run 2 DMA's simultaneously. One which will send data out using the SDMMC1, which is linked to DMA2. Then I'd like to read in data using DMA1 connected to Either of the Timer peripherals that allow a DMA request from GPIO to memory. Which here would be for example Timer 2 of DMA 1 stream 1.


It doesn't seem like I can read in data from the GPIO to memory using DMA1 as seen in the image below from application note an 4031. I've read on some forums that this could be because there is no direct connection between the DMA1 P and the bus matrix. So It would require me to go through a direct path. Is this possible as I haven't been able to get this going?


I'd like to have the two DMA's running independently to avoid a clash.

Thanks in advance for any help.