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Queru on LIS3DH sensor

Question asked by Vishal Dongare on Jan 24, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 29, 2018 by Arpan Patel



I am working on LIS3DH accelerometer sensor, I have interfaced this sensor with STM32F103 series micro controller using SPI interface. When I read X, Y and Z acceleration values, I get some random readings and it too fluctuate lot. The sensor is placed horizontal on PCB, parallel to X , Y axis and perpendicular to Z axis. The reading for all three axes is fluctuate around 0.01 to -0.15. In initialization, all three axes has been enabled.


As I am very new to accelerometer sensor, is my understanding that in the position mentioned above should I get g value for X and Y axis around 0g and for Z axis around 1g correct?

OR it just shows fluctuations in X,Y and Z axis value when there is some movement of sensor and again it get stable value when the sensor is stationary?