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SDK 3.4 Known Limitiations Encoder TIM pin clarification

Question asked by evans.luke on Mar 24, 2014
Latest reply on Mar 31, 2014 by Gigi

In the PMSP single/dual FOC SDK v3.4 RELEASE NOTE it says:

3. Known limitations in v3.4


ENCODER speed sensor function: one Input Capture pin of the selected timer must be grounded, according to the remapping in use and this rationale: IC4 in case of TIM2, IC4 in case of TIM3, IC3 in case of TIM4, IC4 in case of TIM5;


I am using STM3210B-MCKIT (MB459) along with the supplied Shinano motor which has the capability of encoder feedback. In this setup, TIM2 would be used over MCU pins PA0-PA3, or in terms of peripherals TIM2 channels 1-4.

According to the 'Known Limitations' then, it is required that PA3 (TIM2 Ch 4 (IC4)) is grounded.

However I note that on that on the schematic diagram for the motor development kit (UM0426) that TIM2 Ch4 is not grounded - rather, it is used for analog voltage reading.

In our application we use 3x hall snesors, but no encoder.  Would you kindly clarify the 'Known limitations' note, please?

Perhaps the 'Known limitations' note should specify Hall Effect sensors, but without the encoder function?  I am perplexed.  Kindly clarify.