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STM32F303vc discovery import BSP library in IAR

Question asked by simone del colle on Jan 21, 2018


I have some problems with import the BSP library in IAR Workbench. I'm using stm32f303vc discovery board and i want to use the gyroscope and accelerometer installed on the board. I also followed this guide (How to add a BSP on top of CubeMX-4.21 generated code)  for import the library but i have always a problem. When i recall the function to init the gyroscope or accelerometer (example: GYRO_IO_Init();) , IAR give me this messages:    Error[Li005]: no definition for "GYRO_IO_Init" [referenced from C:\Users\xxx\Desktop\example\EWARM\example\Obj\l3gd20.o] and other similar messagges. Can you help me please?