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H7 silicon bug?

Question asked by franzi.edo on Jan 19, 2018

Dear All,

I am facing to a problem concerning the usart2 of the new H743. I suspect a silicon bug!
As soon as I stress a bit the communications handled by the usart2 (reception) after a while I have an hardfalut exception. It is difficult to give you more information because the stack is also corrupted and all the debugging tools cannot help.
Now, this happens only with the stm32H743IIK6 (silicon revision 7BA7R VQ). The same software running on other variants of your CPU works perfectly. I successfully tried the usart2 on the Nucleo-144 (stm32H743ZI silicon revision 7B744 VQ).
Now, I submitted the problem to ST last December but today, I didn't receive neither an acknowledge nor a feedback.
Does anyone experienced a similar problem?
Thank you
Best regards