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How to do FIR with STM32F429?

Question asked by Carter Lee on Jan 19, 2018

Dear all

I'm trying to make a Low Pass Filter from ADC signal within STM32F429.

I came across some relative document as the below… 


But it seems to need more information how to do the FIR with STM32F429x.


 I can successively get the some filter coefficients as the below


But I don't know how to apply that coefficients and how to implement with STM32F429x within Keil.

Would you please help me how to apply and implement that FIR filter?


Additionally, I found arm_fir_f32 function from Finite Impulse Response (FIR) Filters 

Does arm_fir_f32() mean that I can use it as low pass filter  or high pass filter or band pass filter by using only coefficients?

What if I want to use it as low or high or band pass filter, then do I only need fir coefficients?