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STM32 I2C interrupt driven configuration question

Question asked by David Pekin on Jan 17, 2018



I've have the I2C example code I2C_TwoBoards_ComIT working between an F722 board and a F303 board.  That example passes a fixed size character buffer between the two boards fine.  As I start to modify the code for my usage of variable sized buffers, it fails because the buffer size is not known.  


What I want is an I2C receive interrupt after a random size (less than max size) buffer is received.  Or even a partial packet packet received.  I will copy the I2C rx buffer to my own ring buffer to handle verification and construct the logical packets I'm dealing with.


Is there a configuration flag(s) that allows this type of interrupt driven behavior?   Or should I be using a different approach?


Thanks in  advance.