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DMA2D Config

Question asked by Daniel Hatcher on Jan 17, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 30, 2018 by Daniel Hatcher

I am trying to create a project which uses a display. I have created a project on stm32cube with LTDC and DMA2D enabled. I can store bitmaps in the flash then display them using the LTDC functions. I have got an example project working on a stm32f7 device where you can overlay bitmaps using the DMA2D. I have tried to get this working on my project but with no luck, as I need to overlay lots of small bitmaps stored in the flash quickly.


If I set the background colour to white I get activty on all the display lines in the LTDC functions. If I set the background colour to black there is only activity on the clock hysnc etc, which is what you would expect.


I then tried to use the DMA2D to send some data to the display but there is no activity. I have tried to use the example code for the DMA2D but it doesnt seem to be running. I have enabled the clock. Is there any way of debugging it/common errors made when using the DMA2D.