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Idiots guide required or is it hitch hikers

Question asked by Andrew Waterworth on Jan 16, 2018

I have got connected a nucleo-f401 with idw01m1.

I have tera-term  for terminal things and Firefox as brouser.

I have got the server socket compiled and loaded in system work bench

After some time trying to load dynamic web pages via the usart and failing miserably I was successful loading from apache.

I can access the pages from fire fox and get messages printed on teraterm. The concept of "output.cgi" I get.

Where I am failing is in getting info from the f401 to the web page and vis versa.

I think that I have read all the appropriate user manuals/ap notes and items on the community. Some members would seem infuriatingly to have managed to do what I want to do. but don't say how.

Could some body give me some pointers to example etc


Regards  Andrew