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Spurious INT2 on LSM6DSMTR

Question asked by Jason Hendrix on Jan 17, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 21, 2018 by Miroslav B

I believe I've configured my system (LSM6DSMTR connected to Nordic nRF52382 via I2C) to interrupt on INT2 when the FIFO threshold is reached.  What is happening, is that I get an interrupt when data first appears in the FIFO (status shows 3 samples), then after a while, I get the FTH interrupt with the status showing the FTH number of samples.  I suspect that the first interrupt is the wakeup interrupt I've configured in the MD2 register.  I've configured that so that the FIFO will transition to bypass-to-FIFO  Any suggestions how to eliminate that first interrupt at the processor? 

By the way, I do want INT1 to assert on wakeup.  Not INT2.  

Here's a readback of my registers:

0x1: 0x0
0x2: 0x0
0x3: 0x0
0x4: 0x0
0x5: 0x0
0x6: 0x4E
0x7: 0x0
0x8: 0x1
0x9: 0x80
0xA: 0x24
0xB: 0x0
0xC: 0x0
0xD: 0x0
0xE: 0x8
0xF: 0x6A
0x10: 0x20
0x11: 0x0
0x12: 0x64
0x13: 0x0
0x14: 0x0
0x15: 0x0
0x16: 0x0
0x17: 0x0
0x18: 0xE0
0x19: 0x0
0x1A: 0x0
0x1B: 0x0
0x1C: 0x0
0x1D: 0x20
0x1E: 0x5
0x1F: 0xC2
0x20: 0xED

0x21: 0x3
0x22: 0x0
0x23: 0x0
0x24: 0x0
0x25: 0x0
0x26: 0x0
0x27: 0x0
0x28: 0x43
0x29: 0xFD
0x2A: 0xF8
0x2B: 0xFE
0x2C: 0x58
0x2D: 0x41
0x2E: 0x0
0x2F: 0x0
0x30: 0x0
0x31: 0x0
0x32: 0x0
0x33: 0x0
0x34: 0x0
0x35: 0x0
0x36: 0x0
0x37: 0x0
0x38: 0x0
0x39: 0x0
0x3A: 0x0
0x3B: 0x10
0x3C: 0x2
0x3D: 0x0
0x3E: 0x41
0x3F: 0x41
0x40: 0x41

0x41: 0x0
0x42: 0x0
0x43: 0x0
0x44: 0x0
0x45: 0x0
0x46: 0x0
0x47: 0x0
0x48: 0x0
0x49: 0x0
0x4A: 0x0
0x4B: 0x0
0x4C: 0x0
0x4D: 0x0
0x4E: 0x0
0x4F: 0x0
0x50: 0x0
0x51: 0x0
0x52: 0x0
0x53: 0x0
0x54: 0x84
0x55: 0x0
0x56: 0x0
0x57: 0x0
0x58: 0x90
0x59: 0x0
0x5A: 0x0
0x5B: 0x1
0x5C: 0x2
0x5D: 0x0
0x5E: 0x20
0x5F: 0x20
0x60: 0x0

0x61: 0x0
0x62: 0x0
0x63: 0x0
0x64: 0x0
0x65: 0x47
0x66: 0x0
0x67: 0x0
0x68: 0x0
0x69: 0x0
0x6A: 0x0
0x6B: 0x0
0x6C: 0x0
0x6D: 0x0
0x6E: 0x0
0x6F: 0x0
0x70: 0x0
0x71: 0x0
0x72: 0x0
0x73: 0x0
0x74: 0x0
0x75: 0x0