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DAC/ADC conversion + timer triggering

Question asked by Omar Suárez on Jan 16, 2018
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I need to control the acquisition and generation of a signal using the STM32F746ZG and its internal DAC and ADC. The idea is to trigger the DAC using one timer and the ADC using another timer (without the use of DMA by now). I will use the STM32F7Cube HAL to generate the code.

I am trying to gather some information and code examples about how to configure those peripherals but I am not finding many examples.

Does anybody knows where I could find some example projects using those peripherals?

I found one using the ADC triggering mode (STM32F7CubeHAL - STM32F769I_EVAL) but I am still trying to make it work with my board but I have nothing using the DAC.


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