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STM32F1Cube drivers bug

Question asked by Yannick Dannel on Jan 16, 2018
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I am currently using the STM32F1Cube drivers on a STM32F107VC MCU (STM3210C-EVAL board) and I discovered a bug in CAN drivers.

The problem is in the "stm32f1xx_hal_can.h file on line 379.

#define CAN_FLAG_TXOK2             ((uint32_t)((TSR_REGISTER_INDEX << 8U) | CAN_TSR_RQCP0_BIT_POSITION))  /*!< Transmission OK MailBox2 flag */

When you send a CAN frame, the IRQ (HAL_CAN_IRQHandler) always call CAN_Transmit_IT/HAL_CAN_TxCpltCallback even if the transmission failed. Your never have "HAL_CAN_ERROR_TXFAIL" as error code.


If you have a CAN configuration with no automatic retransmission without  other device connected on bus CAN and you try to send a CAN frame you never know than you have a transmission error.


This must be

#define CAN_FLAG_TXOK2             ((uint32_t)((TSR_REGISTER_INDEX << 8U) | CAN_TSR_TXOK2_BIT_POSITION))  /*!< Transmission OK MailBox2 flag */

I don' know if it's the good place to report this bug.


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