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L6480 absolute position counter value issue

Question asked by Phlip Cornelissen on Jan 15, 2018


The L6480 absolute position counter seems to count in multiples of 256 micro steps? When executing the move command with a 1000 micro steps or using the GoToDir command with a 1000 micro step value both generate a motion that ended in having a value of 256000 int the absolute position counter. When I reverse the direction the value is -256000 as expected, or should I say not expected! This count in multiples of 256 is a constant count and is not affected by the choice of micro stepping mode. may it be 1/8, 1/16 or 1/32 makes no difference!


Why is this? Is there a different setting or configuration for this? Any ideas on how fix this? I want to read the true number of micro steps and not in multiples of some value.


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