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What is happening with our community platform?

Discussion created by Brian Kling Employee on Jan 16, 2018
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While there are some threads that talk about our current issues, I wanted to post a general discussion to provide an overview of the situation. Firstly, I apologize for the inconvenience this has caused you, our dear community members and visitors and thank you for your patience as we work as quickly as possible to bring things back in order so we can all move forward into a great year innovating with ST products and learning from each other!


Platform defect(s)

Starting December 4, 2017 (unfortunately the 1-year anniversary of our launch on the Jive-x platform in Dec 2016), we have had some serious defects occurring in the platform, which randomly cause, among other things:

  1. Inability to manage some posts put into the moderation queue <update: this seems to have been fixed as of yesterday>
  2. Some visitors who are not logged in cannot read community content and may see "Unexpected Error" messages
  3. Some community members who are logged in may see "Unexpected Error" messages and:
    1. Cannot edit posts
    2. Cannot view posts
  4. The behavior in #3 includes some employees who are also blocked
  5. There are some other items which may be linked, like incomplete RSS feeds/activity streams, etc.


Now from that day on Dec 4 we have been talking actively to Jive staff and development to solve these issues, including over the Christmas holidays. We have escalated, we have pushed. At this point, a core defect has been identified as the root cause, the patch has been created and tested and found viable, we are just waiting on the news of when they can patch our instance of Jive-x. Normally with a SAAS platform you have to wait until the next platform-wide incremental release for all customers, which for all of us here in the ST Community is unacceptable.


Why so long?

I know it may feel like forever now that we have had these issues. We are as frustrated as you are, believe me. There is a business issue that also impacts our ability to get a timely response and fix from our vendor, a "perfect storm" of consequential events that is very rare indeed:


  1. Jive Software (our platform vendor) was acquired by Aurea Software last May
  2. After an evaluation of the Jive-x (what we use) and Jive-n platforms developed by Jive Software, Aurea decided to sell Jive-x to Lithium Technologies, a strong competitor to Jive Software. The acquisition by Lithium closed last October.
  3. Aurea still provides Jive-x support until Lithium resources can come up to speed with Jive technology


So yes officially Lithium Technologies now owns the Jive-x platform, and this Jive-x platform has a limited lifespan now, as you can assume Lithium will want customers to move to its platform. Jive-x will have no further feature enhancements, only some bug fixes, which is what we are pushing for now. As you can imagine, there is some "messiness" in this transition period and we are the unfortunate victims of the situation.


Rest assured we are also looking at longer-term solutions to ensure this community has a more stable platform and that we can evolve together into a better future! More on that to come...


Thanks again, and we'll see this through with a real solution very soon!


Brian Kling

Head of Community