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What is the difference between L6470 and L6472?

Question asked by molnar.deni on Jan 14, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 16, 2018 by Phlip Cornelissen

I see that there is a difference in the number of microsteps and if they drive/control voltage or current, but is there any other difference? Could please somebody give me a quick comparison between them? 

I originally bought L6474 as I thought that is the most advanced (increasing numbering), but I figured out from one of the 7 datasheets and user guides in front of me, in one footnote, under a table, in the middle of the page(!), that it is not entirely controllable by SPI. So is the l6470 the most advanced (reverse logic)? Or is it the L6472 (no logic at all)?
And how can I get 2-4 engineering samples as the site which should be destined for that doesn’t seem to work for months and I already wrote a feedback about that as the FAQ suggested for the preferred way to report bugs… and now I have to buy them at a 3-4 times higher price from