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ST25R3911B and ST25SDK. Why Discovery GUI seeing EMV card but code on SDK not

Question asked by Ivan Smolin on Jan 15, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 16, 2018 by Damien G.

My code:


public STReader LowLevel;

LowLevel = new STReader();
boolean res = LowLevel.connect();

java.util.List<byte[]> uidList;
IEMVCard card = new IEMVCard();

while (true)
try {
uidList = LowLevel.getTransceiveInterface().inventory(RFReaderInterface.InventoryMode.NFC_TYPE_4A);
if (!uidList.isEmpty()) {


} catch (Throwable ex) {

return card;


I trying it with different EMV cards by VISA.


It works with some cards but not works with another ones - just not detects them.


Otherwise, ST25R3911B Discovery.exe in Polling tab sees all these cards and they all are same type - ISO14443-A!


Why so?


P.S. You can just give me sample usage based on ST25R3911DISCOComm.dll instead of Java ST25 SDK