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STM32F302 change ADC clocksource

Question asked by Clemens Ehm on Jan 12, 2018
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in my current ADC code I use the PLL as clock source (72MHz). That causes a problem in the powersave mode, where the PLL is disabled and the clock source of the mcu core is just HSE (12 MHz).

Now I want to use the AHB clock instead of the PLL clock but it's simply not working.


Here an overview of my current pll adc code:


    //GPIO Init


    //CLK Init
    RCC->CFGR2 |= RCC_CFGR2_ADCPRE12_DIV8; //PLL Clk / 4


    while (ADC1->CR & ADC_CR_ADCAL);


    set_saved_vref_cal_value( *((volatile t_u16*)(0x1FFFF7BA)));


    //Enable ADC
        ADC1->CR |= ADC_CR_ADEN;
    } while ((ADC1->ISR & ADC_ISR_ADRD) == 0);


    //Config ADC
    ADC1->CFGR &= ~ADC_CFGR_RES; //12bit resolution
    ADC1->CFGR |= ADC_CFGR_CONT; //ADC_ContinuousConvMode_Enable
    ADC1->CFGR &= ~ADC_CFGR_ALIGN; // Right data alignment


    ADC1->SQR1 |= ADC_SQR1_SQ1_0; //ADC Channel In1 (PA0)
    ADC1->SQR1 |= ADC_SQR1_SQ2_4; //ADC Channel 16 Temperature Sensor
    ADC1->SQR1 |= ADC_SQR1_SQ3_4 | ADC_SQR1_SQ3_1; //ADC Channel 18 VRef Voltage
    ADC1->SQR1 &= ~ADC_SQR1_L; // reset active channels
    ADC1->SQR1 |= ADC_SQR1_L_1 | ADC_SQR1_L_0; //Set active channel count to 3




    ADC1->SMPR1 |= ADC_SMPR1_SMP0_2 | ADC_SMPR1_SMP0_1 | ADC_SMPR1_SMP0_0; //Sampling
    ADC1->SMPR2 |= ADC_SMPR2_SMP16_2 | ADC_SMPR2_SMP16_1 | ADC_SMPR2_SMP16_0;
    ADC1->SMPR2 |= ADC_SMPR2_SMP18_2 | ADC_SMPR2_SMP18_1 | ADC_SMPR2_SMP18_0;


    ADC1->IER  =  ADC_IER_EOC;


    NVIC_SetPriority(ADC1_IRQn, 0);



I tried a lot with the clk init part without success. As I saw in the manuel the RCC->CFGR2 must be set to zero (bits 8:4) to use the AHB clock. I also change the ADC1_2->CCR Register and use CKMode - but it's not working, the adc always stuck at the init part.

Could someone please show me how to use the AHB clock?