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download for STSW_PCC009V2Fw

Question asked by mcleod.patrick on Feb 26, 2014
Latest reply on Mar 11, 2014 by Gigi
I have tried to download STSW_PCC009V2FW five times. Each time I
press the download button, the error message URL not found shows up.

The file STSW-PCC009V2 can be downloaded, which includes the IBUUI
rapid test hex file.

I can not connect the SETVAL PCC009V2 board to the spin demo software on Windows XP SP3.

The STLINKV2 Jtag programmer can program the IBUUI firmware and
the HID drivers show up when the SETVAL board is connected.

I don't know if the IBUUI firmware is the correct file for the SETVAL v2
board or the V2FW file (which can not be downloaded)

Any help will be appreciated.

Can you email the STSW-PCC009V2FW to us?