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SPWF01SA in Socket server mode

Question asked by Nico Aprile on Jan 11, 2018



I'm using the SPWF01SA in Socket Server Mode. My intention is to send to a browser an html page when the browser ask it to the server. I chose to use the port 80, so I disabled the internal webserver. I open the socket with AT+SOCKD=80  command. The browser sends the request to the server (SPWF01SA) and the server sends correctly the response (web page) to the browser. After receiving the web page, the browser remains in a loading state. To break the loading state of the browser, I have to close the socket server (using at+s. and then AT+SOCKD=0). My question is: is it necessary to close the socket to finish the loading state of the browser? If not, what is another way? Another problem is the following. After the socket is closed, to open it (on the same port) it need to wait 3-4 seconds before sending a new AT+SOCKD=80  command otherwise the module sends the "ERROR: Init not performed (time-waited connections). I need to send a cyclical browser request to the server, so these 3-4 seconds are too big for my application. Is there any parameter to reduce this wait time? Is there any other way to ask and receive quickly a web page from the server?