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STM32 BSP Documentation?

Question asked by Terence D on Jan 12, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 12, 2018 by pavel a

I've just purchased an STM32F469 Discovery development board.  I've got the latest version of STM32Cube and able to build and run various examples on the board.  What I'm not finding is some decent documentation for the BSP drivers. 


There is of course the STM32469I-Discovery_BSP_User_Manual.chm located in Drivers\BSP\STM32469I-Discovery\ but this is pretty basic Doxygen documentation generated from the headers and not really a "how to use" document.


Does any "how to" document exist for the BSP drivers?  I would love a document that explains, for example, the basic initialization steps necessary to use the LCD screen on the board.  Just some basic explanations of how to initialize like "first call BSP_LCD_Init(), then call BSP_LCD_LayerDefaultInit(), etc".


Anyone know if a document like this exist?  Googling is turning up nothing.