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BlueNRG-MS dongle

Question asked by stephane hoareau on Jan 11, 2018

I am using a STEVAL-IDB006V1 MS dongle.


For instance, let 's suppose that using this DONGLE with the SensorTile KIT, and that instead of doing int by script thorugh the BLUENRG GUI , i want to modify the dongle firmware to do it in standalone.

This firmware modification would  "subscribe" only to one specifc service (for instance accelero data) .

So in my idea, i would like to modify the BlueNRG-MS dongle firmware to perform this.

Then how would i update this firmware?


Can you confirm me that i can update the firmware of the dongle in order to customize it? through the BLueNRG GUI with BlueNRG GUI-->Flash MotherBoard FW menu?


Thank you