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CubeMX project settings dialog in ubuntu, hitting enter key doesn't click buttons, but does in windows ?

Question asked by David Fisher on Jan 9, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 9, 2018 by David Fisher

I am trying to use CubeMX on ubuntu but as explained in previous posts I can't see the ok and cancel buttons in the project settings dialog, so I can't click them with the mouse.  In windows  I can tab to the buttons and then hitting enter activates their command. In ubuntu tabbing to the hidden buttons and hitting enter doesn't work, not even for the visible browse button for the project location. How do I activate the buttons in the project settings dialog in ubuntu with the keyboard ?


edit: I have just found that by setting my screen settings to scale 100% I can see the buttons. Though everything is very tiny on my 32" screen. But the question still stands why can't I use the enter key to activate the buttons ?