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IIS2DH current consumption

Question asked by Ranjith Ravindra Shanbhag on Jan 8, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 10, 2018 by Miroslav B



I am using IIS2DH to work for my application. But the problem rises when I measure the current it is consuming. At 25Hz with 40ms INT2 duration and Low Power Enabled with all axis, I am observing a current a current of 500uA which is not according to what mentioned in the data sheet of IIS2DH. The configuration is shown below:



CTRL_REG4: 0x20

CTRL_REG6: 0x20

INT2_CFG: 0x04

INT2_THS: 0x05

INT2_DUR: 0x01


The above configuration works perfectly for my application. However, it is consuming a lot of current. Am I missing something? Please help.


Also, could anyone explain to me as to how BOOT_I2 bit on  CTRL_REG6 work ? what is its function? Where can i find information about it?