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STM32L431 Flash reading problem

Question asked by eric.b on Jan 9, 2018


I have a problem with my bootloader. At the first launch I write a 64 bit word in flash in 0x8004030. I was able to check with J-Mem to make a dump of the memory and it flash writing OK.


If I read the value at this address in 0x8004030 there is 0xfffffffff.
In assembler I have:
ldr r2, [r5, # 0]
R5 = 0x8004030
and the result in R2 is 0xffffffff wich is wrong.


And if I read the value at this address in 0x00004030 there is good value.


why there is not the same value in 0x08004030 when 0x00004030?