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STM32F415RGT ART Accelerator

Question asked by Tobias Wedell on Jan 8, 2018
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in your first project we use a STM32F415ZGT without any problems. Then we switch to the smaller version STM32F415RGT in a new design. With the same source code we got some times a hard fault when die MCU is booting up.
After two or three days of software and hardware bug finding and trying different versions of CubeMX and F4 firmware we find a solution to disable the Instruction Cache in CubeMX:

CubeMX settings


After that your simple LED blink code runs fine without any hard fault.




Errata sheet lists a bug in Revision "A" devices for the ART Accelerator:


ART Accelerator prefetch queue instruction is not supported


The ART Accelerator prefetch queue instruction is not supported on revision A devices.

This limitation does not prevent the ART Accelerator from using the cache enable/disable

capability and the selection of the number of wait states according to the system frequency.





   • Revision A devices: none

   • Revision Z and 1 devices: fixed.


We found out that your STM32F415RGT is at Revision "2" and that revision is not listed in fixed devices.
Is this bug still existing in Revision "2" devices? And when not: Do you have any solution to your problem?


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