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Question asked by Mario Simunic on Jan 8, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 10, 2018 by Mario Simunic


I'm trying to port (use) X-NUCLEO-IDB05A1 board with STM32F4-DISCOVERY.

I've begun developing this project by modifying SensorDemo for Nucleo-L053R8 board.

I'm using Keil-MDK v5.25 (Lite). STM32F4 project is build by generating "base" with CubeMX (Clock, pinout, SPI, I2C. UART). Then, using Keil, BSP is added (stm32f4_discovery.c for BSP_ functions). Build was ok.

Then, Middleware is added and modifications are made to some .h files in order to use dicovery board, in project options it's defined USE_STM32F4_DISCO and modification to cube_hal.h to use STM32F4xx.hal instead of stm32l0xx_hal.


I've succeeded to build modified project, but application hangs waiting for response from SPBTLE-RF.

I think something is not working as supposed to regarding SPI and/or interrupts.


I'm new to embedded development and ST discovery/nucleo tools, so probably I'm missing some details.

Whole thing of porting SensorDemo for STM32L0 to STM32F4 is not so simple and clear and whole thing about HAL / cube / cube_HAL / BSP and all sorts of redefinitions in the originating project is foggy and unclear to me.

After calling BlueNRG_SPI_Init() instead of MX_SPI_Init() - generated by the CubeMX, I have hard time to find simple functions to make SPI loopback and test if SPI is working correctly.


Is there anybody who is tried to make X-NUCLEO-IDB05A1 (SPBTLE-RF) work with STM32F4-Discovery?