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SpinFamily crashes after connection on WinXP SP3

Question asked by renner.charles on Feb 3, 2014
Latest reply on Mar 11, 2014 by Gigi
  I am seeing a error with the "SPINFamily Evaluation Software" when running on Windows XP sp3 on three different platforms.
I was able to get the software to operate on a Windows 7 platform, so I am reasonably confident that I am starting up everything correctly and that my hardware is okay.
I see a crash as soon as I connect to the board.

Windows XP sp3 system [Windows NT 5.1 Build: 2600]
.Net 4.0 [fresh .NET 4.0 install, fresh sp3 install]
SPINFamily Evaluation Software (L6480 selected) [fresh install]

According to the message at the bottom of the Spin window the board did connect:
Board connected (BR_4MHz) FW Version 0.0

This matches what I saw on a windows 7 system that I used to validate that my hardware was okay.

Looking a little closer at the error report:

EventType : clr20r3     P1 : gui.exe     P2 : 1.2.5071.18356     P3 : 528b2b58
P4 : mscorlib     P5 :     P6 : 471ebc5b     P7 : 1295     P8 : 14     
P9 : system.missingmethodexception     

Is there a way around this error?

Thank you,
- Charles.