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Code for STM32F779I Eval board

Question asked by yalamanda dosakayala on Jan 6, 2018

Hi STM Community, I am currently working on STM32F779I eval board for developing CAN, FreeRTOS with FatFs and SD card drivers.I have generated code using cube mx and imported into system workbench for STM32 IDE.


I tried to test the code for writing into SD card , But it is failing at fmount .


Then I tried Example code(Fatfs_uSD_RTOS) available for F769I  eval board ,I build and flashed to F779I board, It is able to write to SD card successfully.


So I have doubt  that what is the difference between these two eval boards, if no much differences are available can i use these code for f779i board for my further development. If not what are the changes I have to make f769i code.


As mentioned in one of the post Building samples of STM32CubeF7  . I found only encryption support is difference .


Please suggest me Whether to proceed with f769i code for f779i or else do I need to work on  the generated code for f779i cube mx.