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STM32F4  CAN1, CAN2  sending  data simultaneously  is it possible ?  

Question asked by Marcin Rozycki on Jan 6, 2018
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I want to send data over CAN1, CAN2  at the same time,

so in the Code simple : 

      HAL_CAN_Transmit(&hcan1, 50);

      HAL_CAN_Transmit(&hcan2, 50) ;


so I'm getting situation presented on upper side of the image :

the data CAN2 are send when CAN1 finish transmission. 

Is it normal ? 

My expectation is that CAN2 will start transmission before CAN1 end transmitting data. 

Is it related that CAN1 and CAN2 are sharing   some MCU resources ? 


Can1 CAN2  Master slave

my MCU is STM32F413, speed is 10kbps, HAL  library,    

CAN1,CAN2 are connected to two  different physical  CAN BUS