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X-CUBE-SPN7, 6Step_Lib.c

Question asked by Jakob K. on Jan 6, 2018

Three questions regarding MC_SixStep_Ramp_Motor_calc()

1.) What unit do the mechanical acceleration rate parameters/variables have? (apparently not 1/min/s or rad/s²)

2.) "mech_accel_hz = SIXSTEP_parameters.ACCEL * Rotor_poles_pairs / 60" - so "mech_accel_hz" is rather the electrical acceleration than mechanical?

3.) I found that MCM_Sqrt() takes 1,3 .. 1,8 ms (32 MHz CCLK) while the (ARM-MDK) math library's sqrt() takes 150 .. 250µs. What is the benefit of using MCM_Sqrt()?

Thanks for comments.