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Question asked by Faiz Ahmed on Jan 5, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 8, 2018 by Faiz Ahmed


   I am doing a Project using STM32L4 Microcontroller, keeping Reference of Available Example Codes i am able to Develop a code where i can Write and Read back the data from QSPI-Flash-Memory. 

   But my Requirement is as given below,


    1) Receive data from USB and write it on  QSPI-Flash-Memory.  

    2) Read data from QSPI-Flash-Memory and Transmit back through USB.


To do this i Re-Generated my code by enabling USB_HS_CDC mode using ST-Cubemx. but this time i am unable to Read / Write data on QSPI-Flash-Memory. 

(Note: i am getting this problem as soon as i am Re-Generating my code by enabling USB in ST-Cubemx )


please suggest me how to solve this problem.